Beta Test Info + Bonuses

What's up beta testers! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for coming on board :) 

Here's the info sheet summarizing how the product works, and the ingredient breakdown with 24 research papers.

Three quick pointers: 

1. Basic supplement instructions: Take on an empty or half-empty stomach for better absorption. Before meals is best. Avoid taking before bedtime.

2. What you can expect: 

  • A gentle mood lift, sharpening of your mental state and increase in physical energy
  • After 4-6 hours, your energy returns to baseline without a crash

3. Beta tester goodies: All beta testers get a special 35% discount upon product launch in Jan-Feb 2020. Far more than everyone else, I promise ;)

Note: If you have an underwhelming experience, fret not - I'm still finalizing the ingredients (which is the purpose of the beta test!). Feel free to share all aspects with me.

Next Step: Please leave your email below so I can send you two things:

  • Updates on all revisions to the formula - I'll cover shipping as always.
  • Your special 35% off code (ready in 2020)